Thursday, January 7, 2016

Big Words with Lyds: Vol.1

Published 1/7/2016

Happy 2016 mes amies! So for anyone who doesn't already know, I'm really a fan of words. I really, really, really enjoy the English language. Here are some words, from me to you...

Meretricious (adj.) Falsely attractive, tawdry

Amalgamate (v.) To join or consolidate, organize

Vituperate (v.) To insult, attack bitterly

Refulgent (adj.) Glowing, radiant, shining brightly

Vicissitude (n.) Unpleasant or unexpected change in circumstances 

If you have any words that you'd like me to define or a synonym you'd like me to explore, please shoot me a message or leave a comment under the video on YouTube :-) xoxo

#readingisfundamental #knowledgeispower #verbose #sesquipedalian #bigwordsturnmeon 

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