Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Best Day Ever... As Told by an Angeleno

Published 10/27/2015

Hollywood is known to attract and retain a certain type of person. Natives would say the best kind. What would such a person do on the best possible version of their infinitely sunny day?

6:15 AM. Blender is extra strong today- this kale doesn’t stand a chance! Where are my organic chia seeds? Did I give that last kombucha to my dog’s therapist?

6:55 AM. Miracles do happen! Found street parking for yoga in Weho, AND there was no traffic because everyone is at Coachella.

8:46 AM. Selfies with my bestie at Runyon! #fitness #blessed #nofilter #nature

10:00 AM. Hooray for Jewish holidays! Boss is leaving town for Rosh Hashanah and won’t have Wi-Fi on her flight for 3 hours! No. Rolling. Calls. Praise Yahweh! #assistantlife

3:15 PM. Half-day at work!!!!!

4:03 PM. Ran into Tom Hardy at Whole Foods and he didn’t act weird about hooking up. Maybe he’ll invite me to that DGA screening?

5:22 PM. Obama’s doing yet another fundraiser on the Westside. I’ve been stuck on Santa Monica for 45 minutes and my podcast won’t load! Why is this happening?! Supposed to be taking Regan to LAX. #obamajam #thestruggle

5:34 PM. Regan just called and said she’s taking Uber. Yes!! I just literally cannot do LAX today.

6:05 PM. Saved by WAZE! Now I have time for the farmer’s market!

6:32 PM. Avocados! Why is The Grove the only farmers’ market open during the week? Why do tourists like The Grove so much? Is that Jeff Garlin over there?

7:15 PM. I have cash for the valet!!! Kind of over Soho House but whatevs. Drinks with my agency friends!!!

10:32 PM. My neighbor put my Cinespia tickets at my door! She always gets my mail and I don’t get it for weeks because she’s shooting some reality show.

10:46 PM. I told Conner I was going to Hanna’s UCB show and I told Hanna I was going to Conner’s short film premiere. I’m so crafty! Not driving to Santa Monica or Sherman Oaks! Definitely in bed- Netflix and chill!

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