Saturday, November 1, 2014

The One About Halloween

Published 11/1/14

Halloween is a really, really, REALLY big deal in Hollywood.  More than a week ago, someone approached me and asked me if I was ready for All Hallows Eve and I laughed, not because of the question, but the intensity with which it was asked. The guy was as concerned about my costume preparation as other people have been about the college aspirations or five-year-plans of a young person. Dude. It’s not that serious.  

My first inclination was to put his mind at ease by sharing the costumes I’d been mulling over: A “never nude” (Cut-offs and I’m done. How great would that have been?), Olivia Pope (I didn’t have a wine glass big enough), or Lana from Archer. Unfortunately, my baser nature won and I just shrugged as if I hadn’t given it any thought. The alarm on that man’s face was worth it.

So since I’ve lived here for a few years I’m used to the mania induced by Mischief Night, but every year there is an added layer of crazy that I couldn’t have prepared for. As I work in Weho, I’ve dealt with an onslaught of orange and black merriment for weeks but when Halloween arrived yesterday, I managed to be shocked anew.

I decided to venture down to Santa Monica Boulevard only because I was already parked close enough to walk, and because Halloween in West Hollywood was on my LA to-do list. Even though I know that people in Weho operate under “Girl World” rules and strive to show all the skin that they can, I was still a little surprised by all of the assless chaps and pasties I saw. There were at least 30 people dressed as Waldo, so that question is answered, and also there was this.

No words. I saw a lot of Maleficents and two very creative people dressed as the house in Up, balloons and all. Someone went as I-am-not-famous-anymore-Shia Lebeouf, paper bag included. Genius. There were others that should be mentioned, but they truly would have had to have been seen to be believed. As for me, I decided on Princess Jasmine 

because- I’m just going to say this and let the chips fall where they may- Frozen is overrated and I really felt that old school Disney princesses shouldn’t be neglected. I think I’ve decided that I’m going to work my way through a few of them over the next couple of years- not Tiana though because come on, it’s like, too obvious. Also, I saw a couple of really good Mia Wallaces from Pulp Fiction and I have all the stuff for that one so it’s definitely happening.

Despite the promising start in Boystown and the countless shindigs happening last night, my evening was pretty laid back. After The Blvd, my coworker and I escaped to the east side of Hollywood for Thai food, because that’s what you should do on Halloween, right? We witnessed a strange altercation in front of a liquor store and almost got kidnapped from my car (no big deal), but a large part of the night was spent trying to find parking a block away from the Roosevelt (mistake!) and then deciding not to go out after all because it was getting late. *It wasn’t really late, it was 11:15, but I am ever an old woman at heart. * Sigh. 

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  1. This year's costume was much better than last year's!!!!