Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Published 3/18/14

That’s the name of my brand ya’ll!  

So guys, remember when I said I was going to make the scarf that Katniss wore in Catching Fire? Well I did and it came out looking like this. 

I thought that maybe I was the only dork who was more concerned with this scarf/cowl/wrap than the plot of the movie but it turns out that the entire Internet had already become obsessed and rightly so. When I tried to find people selling it I was successful, but they were charging far too much and I decided to do it myself.  

Anywho, I have a few other pieces in my repertoire- leg warmers, sleeveless gloves, infinity scarves, shorts- yes I’m going to make crochet shorts cool- and people have been continuously telling me that I should Etsy it up, so I finally have.  Of course this proved to be far more complicated than I thought it would be because it involved using technology, and registering for what I’m not entirely convinced is the correct seller’s permit but whatevs- I’m making stuff and it’s for sale.

I’ve sold a few pieces in real life, but I figured I would branch out and see what comes of it. So that’s happening. #Crochet #crafty #entrepreneur #yarn

*moineau: (mwuh-no) French for sparrow*


  1. CONGRATS! A little less starving happening with that income coming in :)

  2. I hope I'm your first customer because I am your biggest fan!!!!
    Keep up the good work