Monday, July 29, 2013

No, You Actually Don’t Know Her

Published  07/29/2013

One of the things I’ve unabashedly embraced about being an actress is the fact that I have very few marketable skills, so I’ve turned instead to cultivating the other “talents” that will aid me in my profession. For the past month or so, this has meant working on my British accent whenever possible, much to the chagrin of my coworkers and the amusement of unsuspecting tourists.

I actually have a very specific goal in mind, as my favorite author from across the pond is having one of her novels adapted to film and I have decided that I will do bloody well anything to get into that audition room. 

Anywho, in spite of my rather horrid faux UK speech patterns, I booked a commercial of sorts for one of my favorite beauty retailers where I had to sing, among other things. I feel it’s really important that I stress that I. Was. Paid. To. Sing.  That should never happen, but the world just may be out of balance, only because I’ve been booking gigs often enough that I’m getting used to being on set.  And let me just say, Friday was a day that was so quintessentially LA that it was a little ridiculous.

After spending the day with a handful of other actresses and a live python, I proceeded to crawl through apocalyptic evening traffic- why 110, whyyyyyy- just in time to make it to the Hollywood Bowl to see my friend performing in an excellent version of Chicago.  As the Bowl is such a local staple I of course saw a bajillion people I know and more importantly, I found out that Stephen Moyer can sing! Who knew?

And speaking of celebrities, am I the only person who sees famous people and wholeheartedly believes that I know them, until five minutes later when I realize that I only recognize them from TV? From my very limited and unscientific research,  I’ve found that many Angelenos have this problem, as seeing celebrities is so commonplace. I always make the mistake of incorrectly assuming that everyone I recognize must be in my improv class.  That’s what I thought when I saw Tony Hale anyway. 

As I was waiting for my friend to come out after the show, I saw Erica Gimpel, who played Coco on the Fame series from the 80s. I don’t know why, but of all the actors who I’ve stalked, met or accidentally run into, I was the most excited about her. Probably because she was a dancer and ballet was my first love. In any event, my very unsubtle friend pulled a Barney Stinson and acted as my celebrity wingman to get me a picture with her. I know, I know- when you live in LA there’s an understanding that you can’t be that guy, but I really couldn’t help myself.

After finally finding my car in the labyrinth that is the Hollywood and Highland parking structure, I did the obvious super-Hollywood thing: going home to the valley and passing out. Because acting is hard.


Location: 2 (Anytime I have to go downtown LA, I pretty much want to kill myself.)

Craft Services: 5 (They gave us paella! Yes please!)

SAG/AFTRA vouchers procured:0

Actual Beneficial Networking Achieved:2

On set experience: #winning

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