Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sunday Funday at the Hudson

Published 11/6/2012

If you’re one of the faithful few who actually reads my blog, you may have noticed that more than a month has passed since my last post. I blame this on a myriad of things, all of which can be attributed to a magical and horrible phenomena that occurs when one has been in LA for two years. Things suddenly get much, much worse. Gone are the days when I could leisurely write about my subpar living conditions and unfortunate on set experiences with caustic  glee.  I have suddenly become more of a starving artist than I previously was for reasons that include but are not limited to the fact that my hours at my dead end, non-industry job have been reduced due to new part-time laws in California.  I’ve also been slightly preoccupied as I’ve been trying to sue my landlord because surprise, my studio apartment isn’t properly permitted and it turns out, I’m living in an illegal unit. Fun.

In any event, a few of my friends recently dragged me to theHudson for much needed drinks that I can no longer afford. As luck would have it, the Hudson is a charming place: It’s dark but not gloomy, the crowd is actually sophisticated  as it’s far enough beyond Hollywood to avoid being grimy and not deep enough into Weho to be wild, and their late night menu has ah-mahz-ing creations like short rib grilled cheese sandwiches, and garlic fries that will no doubt haunt my dreams until the end of time. Also the guy at the door has a magnificent beard. Seriously, you could probably find the way to Narnia through that thing.

 The only bone I have to pick with this establishment is that for a place so wonderfully mellow, the music was so, so loud. Like, I had to shout more than I do at college game day at Big Wangz. But despite the noise  and the inordinate number of women swathed in Jersey Shore-levels of leopard print and entire Housewives franchises worth of rhinestone jackets, I will definitely be adding this to my list of new favorite places.

This outing of mine was nearly perfect but alas, it was tarnished by my dear unsubtle friend. I have become the target of her unsolicited matchmaking because she and one of our compadres have started dating, and have made it their mission to marry me off to our fourth mutual friend. Well-meaning though they may be, this foolhardy plan will only end  badly for everyone, as the only thing that said friend and I have in common is that fact that we are both black and attractive. Well, also we’re actors, but out here who isn’t . It’s not going to happen friends! We do NOT like each other like that. Anyways, I shall return to the Hudson to wreck my diet with their carb-tastic bar food and hopefully by the time I do, my life will be in less of a shambles.


Venue: 5

Alcohol Situation: 4 (Only because they insist on using mason jars. Really, that needs to stop!)

Actual Beneficial Networking Achieved:0

Personal Victory/Dignity Retained: 5

Atmosphere: #winning