Monday, April 16, 2012

The One Where I Narrowly Avoided Going to Ecco

Published 4/16/2012

Sometimes  everyday  I wish that my life was like an episode of Friends, and that all of the unfortunate incidents of my day began with “The One where…” and ended with a royalty check.  Unfortunately however,  I have failed to find bearable roommates and a mysteriously affordable New York apartment and I’m still waiting to realize my dream of living life the way it unfolds in a 90s romantic comedy. What am I doing wrong? 

In any event, I have recently taken a break from my overzealous networking attempts, partly because I’m a writer and I have no money for valet parking, but mostly because I’ve conceded that Lena Dunham has the exact career  that I want and that there cannot be two of us.  Sigh.  In light of this realization I’ve taken to indiscriminately visiting random venues when asked (still feverishly hoping that while I’m out pretending not to care about being a working writer, I will meet a development exec who  doesn’t sneer at the idea of original content).

It was in this new spirit of pseudo apathy that I agreed to go to Hotel CafĂ© with a friend who was insistent upon seeing Alexz Johnson perform. I agreed, partly because I was  already on La Brea and I didn’t want to waste an outfit, but mostly  because hearing a Canadian say “about” and “sorry” in person, is an experience that should never be passed up. So after being solicited by dubious promoters outside of Ecco, which by the way is always trying to lure unsuspecting tourists into its’ strobelight-y depths, and being instructed to go through an ally which looked like a CSI crime scene, I found the door and just managed to catch the end of Alexz’s set. I’ve actually seen her perform before and she is good – is there a  Canadian version of Coachella?

I was extremely impressed by the closing act however: Theo Katzman, this Brooklyn cat (it seems appropriate to say “cat” when referencing musicians from Brooklyn)  was surprisingly soulful  in a Remy Shand, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer(minus the douchiness), Van Hunt sort of way and his drummer was  quite doable… I mean is there a law about percussionists and sex appeal? Anywho, my friend and I bought his CD because we liked him so much and I’m adding him to my list of indie artists like Monte Mar and Herbert Bail who in a fantasy world would be on the soundtrack of my show when it gets picked up by HBO (Seriously Lena Dunham, whyyyyy?) So despite the obnoxious young music execs in the crowd, I’d say the evening was a success, allowing that I define success as having discovered a new artist, not finding relevant employment. FML…


Venue:  4 (Any place with brick walls is a winner in my book.)

Alcohol Situation: 4

Actual Beneficial Networking Achieved: 3

Personal Victory/Dignity Retained: 5

Atmosphere: #winning