Sunday, October 30, 2011

I've Been in Silverlake Way Too Much This Week

Published 10/30/2011

Okay so I know you might be upset because this tale of social experimentation involves people other than myself but don’t worry, I fully intend to return to my solitary ways next week. Maybe Hemmingways, maybe the  dardantS, get it, because the sign at the Standard is upside down and backwards … anyways…
So my lovely friend Pua (who actually books work) invited me out to Harvard and Stone because one of her friends is dating a band member, or is in the band, or owns something- I was never really sure of the connection, but the point is that even though I arrived by myself after spending far too long trying to park and resigning myself to the seven dollar lot across the street, I did not have to spend the night pretending to text people! #winning
So as for the venue, it was very cozy and dimly lit in a special Silverlakey, hipstery sort of way, and if you like that sort of thing which I do, then it’s great. This kind of place is also good for me because as it happens, hipsters are sort of into the whole prepubescent waif look, and consequently find me attractive. Score!
 I am a sucker for a good local band (Monte Mar, I heart you!) and when I got there I caught the end of Blac Jesus and the Experimentalists’ set.  I must say that I liked what I heard. After I‘d had a chance to ponder the boundless variations of hipster facial hair that I was being forced to cope with, The Downtown Train came to the stage. They  sounded like a slightly calmer version of The Black Keys and  incidentally can be found at Harvard and Stone every Tuesday if I’m not mistaken. Also, any band that can successfully make use of a harmonica is okay in my book.  
So the best and last band, the Herbert Bail Orchestra was AWESOME! I’ve decided that being one of their groupies is going to greatly improve my quality of life. Their drummer (I love!) - so his name is Jacob,  but Pua and I have decided to call him “Prince Sparrow” because he was a little Purple Rain and  a little Captain Jack, which would probably make more sense if you just saw it for yourself, which you can. They’ll be back at Harvard and Stone on November 22nd. I will be there with bells on. Alright I’m going to stop now. So although there was no networking, I did enjoy the atmosphere so I guess I’ll have to wait until my next outing to pretend that “I’m just waiting for someone to meet me.” Oh, my life.
Venue: 5
Alcohol Situation: 5 (The libations are lethal.)
Actual Beneficial Networking Achieved:0 (But enjoyable mingling took its’ place.)
Personal Victory/Dignity Retained: 4
Atmosphere: #winning


  1. what a fabulous word high!!

  2. Haha! That's too funny! "Personal Victory/ Dignity Retained! Lol that's too funny. -@theeprimo

  3. I agree. The evening score card is genius.